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Delberg Debt Collections (Pty) Ltd was established in 2015 to provide our corporate clients with an end-to-end process solution in conjunction with Delberg Attorneys.

Our debt collection attorneys are specialists in the legal processes for debt collection and can assist you with the recovery of any outstanding accounts and arrear amounts. We aim to provide our clients with an option to utilise our collections environment for shortfall recoveries after the finalisation of the litigation process, as well as to establish first-party contact even before the litigation process is instituted. We strive to be the debt collection law firm of choice, by providing our clients with cutting-edge legal processes for debt collection and advising them on the latest laws regarding debt collection.

Instructions in this department are processed via a dedicated call centre, which is equipped with the latest technology in collections- and dialler software, tailored to each client’s specific needs. We offer a host of necessary technology, skills, knowledge, and resources that are required to effectively and sustainably maintain a culture of payments in today’s particularly challenging credit environment.

Delberg Debt Collections (Pty) Ltd is a black-owned company with a Level 2 B-BBEE Contribution Rating.

Corporate Debt Collections Systems and Technology:

Our current collections system, Future Soft Excalibur, is fully integrated with all our service providers: Appls by Amplifin, Paym8, Adcon Tech, just to name a few.

We offer various payment options to debtors as we have DebiCheck functionalities, direct payments, or payments into our trust account.

We have a fully integrated predictive dialler from Adcon Tech, as well as a click-and-dial campaign functionality with live reporting capabilities on each campaign to track success and to ensure that all portfolios are fully penetrated. This functionality ensures that each and every account is worked rigorous.

We also utilise three service providers (CPB, Experian and Searchworks) for our data wash capabilities which assist with data purification and improving data integrity.

From a connectivity perspective, we have a Broad Link internet connection with an LTE router failover to ensure that our downtime is 0%.

Unique Value Proposition:

The capability unique to our business is our CLI strategy, with a 20-number range that randomises each call with different area codes, e.g., Pretoria, Johannesburg, and Bronkhorstspruit etc.

This randomised dialling strategy also has an inbound functionality whereby a debtor can either reply to an SMS or call our inbound call centre. The inbound call centre has a dedicated blended inbound functionality and hunting line that automatically routes the calls to our inbound line with dedicated IVR voice prompts to the first available agent.

Our staff are remunerated above the industry norm to ensure that we keep our attrition rate at 0%. Their previous work experience, skills, and capabilities are considered.

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