How is it possible that someone can obtain judgment against me, without my knowledge of any summons issued against me or a court date to state my side of the story? Well, in our law this could happen if you agreed to a domicilium address without notifying other parties about a ch

SA companies will need to respond quickly to mitigate the risks stemming from this development Global money laundering and terrorist financing watchdog, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), has placed South Africa on its so-called ‘grey’ list, adding South Africa to a grou

Ways to reduce your monthly home loan repayments and other costs Cost-cutting is on many people’s minds, as prices rise, and affordability becomes stretched. While potential homeowners continue to benefit from attractive interest rates due to heightened competition between the

On the 01st of February 2022, the Estate Agency Affairs Act, Act 112 of 1976 was, in its entirety repealed by the new Property Practitioners Act, Act 22 of 2019 (herein the ”PPA”). The aim of the PPA is to bring about transformation within the property sector.

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